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Lucy Bedewi, Fashion Consultant & Personal Stylist

My story of style started when I was seven years old and laid my eyes on a bright green pair of Puma sneakers at the Nordstrom kid’s department. They were entirely too expensive for my growing feet, but my bright brown eyes couldn’t help but fall in love with what I thought was the coolest pair of shoes ever. I saved up my $3 a week allowance and eventually bought them. I felt like the coolest girl in school. I fell in love with this feeling of loving the clothes that I put on each morning and wanted to share it with others. I want everyone to have a bright green Puma’s moment where they put something on that makes them feel amazing.

When I turned 16, I was ecstatic because I knew I was finally old enough to work retail…my teenage dream. I worked at American Eagle all through high school and started to develop a love of listening to individual customer needs and styling them. Then while in college, I spent summers working at Banana Republic. I wanted to expand my knowledge of styling into a more professional realm. Business casual will forever be my favorite category of clothing.

I studied in Italy for one year, concentrating on Fashion Business in Milan. This is when I knew not only did I love fashion, but I had a particular interest in travel and international fashion. I took that year in Italy to both learn Italian and explore a new city every weekend. Some of my favorite European countries to travel to are Norway, Switzerland, and Romania. Outside of Europe, I have traveled to Belize, Morocco, New Zealand and Japan. For this reason I wanted to add a prominent international component to my wardrobe consulting. Traveling is a large part of me that I would love to share with you by showing you styles and trends that I’ve seen beautifully worn on the cobblestones of Paris or on the busy streets of New York. By combining consulting with an international eye, all I want is to help others find the style that makes them feel great. Let’s get you a wardrobe that gives you the confidence to tackle each day!


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