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Minding My Female Owned Business STICKER

Designer: Biz Babe Boutique

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and describe you.

You're a Biz Babe who works her ass off. You believe in being kind and stand up for what's right- though no one should mistake your kindness as weakness. You work hard, play hard, and mind your own business. After all, you're too busy building your empire to entertain drama.

Sound like you? That's why I made this sticker for you :)

Minding My Female Owned Business Sticker is high quality: Dye-Cut, Waterproof, 2in. x 3in. Adorable on your laptop, tumblers, and more! (Stickers are not able to be placed in the dishwasher. Items that need washing should be gently hand-washed). 

Biz Babe Boutique was designed with the goal of empowering women. We are a female owned business, and we believe in supporting other female owned businesses. All apparel is hand made to order with love. 

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